As part of our chemicals sales service, we offer over 300 products from stock with immediate delivery for the following processes: degreasing, pickling, browning, phosphating, corrosion protection and colouring of steel, iron and their alloys.



Alkali products Degreasing chemicals for the removal of oils, emulsions, greases and polish residues. The product group includes both gentle formulations and strong alkaline degreasing concentrates. They are easy to use, the solution is prepared and replenished with a single product. Flexible application: hot and cold process, liquid or powder, iron and non-ferrous metals. Application: by spraying, immersion, ultrasonic, or by hot or cold immersion. Rosalite products Pickling chemicals for the removal of rust, revel and attractants. Special brines based on hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid and mixed brines. They are ready to use, so the products already contain surfactants and inhibitors. Use: by immersion.



Brün products Tanning salts for black oxidation of iron and cast iron workpieces for optical and corrosion protection in one, two and three bath processes. Our products are suitable for machine parts, tooling, standard parts and in the arms industry. Use: by immersion process. Colouring products Special salts and solutions for the chemical blackening of stainless steel, brass, copper, zinc castings and nickel silver.


Corrosion protection

Fluid – water displacing oil Product ready for use. For dry, semi-gloss or oily, glossy surfaces. Forms a thin film with excellent corrosion protection properties, ideal for tanned and untreated metal surfaces. Use: by dipping. Passivators – temporary corrosion protection Produces a dry surface with short-lasting corrosion protection properties, mainly for application prior to varnishing, powder coating, etc. Use: by dipping. Emulsion – anti-corrosion protection Application to form a surface film with excellent corrosion protection properties, which can be adjusted according to the concentration. Forms surfaces ranging from dry to slightly glossy appearance. Excellent for phosphated and untreated metals. Use: by immersion process.



Phosphate products for zinc, zinc-calcium, iron and manganese phosphating. Applications: thin coatings for cold forming processes, precision components, to create coatings as adhesion surfaces and to improve slip properties and to form a high wear resistance corrosion protective layer. Use: by spraying and dipping.

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